The journey from data mystery to maturity

You can be anywhere in your data journey. We meet you there. Discover your challenges. And pave your data roadmap ahead to go from stalling to scaling. Chart your data strategy with our data consulting services.


Our Data Consulting Services

Charting the road to data-driven leap


Data strategy assessment

One size fits none. One strategy never works for all. Take up our in-depth analysis, find out your current state, and map the future from here. In the end, you will have your ideal data strategy crafted keeping your data initiatives in mind. 
Use this strategy as your guidebook to address many challenging questions about data quality issues, siloed systems, governance, etc. Set data goals, solve data management mysteries, and see through the value your data holds within.

Data maturity model

How can you democratize data across all levels of your organization? How can you measure insights that deliver maximum business impact? And how can you cause a cultural shift where data is the main driver of growth and innovation? 
We analyze all of this while considering your business objectives and vision, current data landscape, and governance. Simply put, we do this to map your journey from the data-aware to the data-driven stage. There is more to this. With us by your side, unburden this pain and unravel a data maturity model, custom-made for you.

Data science strategy

Do you have the right data science models? Models that help you make prompt and proper decisions and solve bottom-line-affecting problems? Perform a data science assessment to identify this and to see how your current data and its infrastructure can support high-level analytics. 
Get an actionable plan for data science implementation—something that’s in line with your short-term and long-term goals. Know what you need to build, develop, and nurture a strong data-driven culture.

Data framework

Data frameworks - A flawless intersection of people, processes, tech, and guiding principles. To build this, you would need to understand many things data—data governance, quality, availability, literacy, and lots more.  
Our experience forging this for clients from different industries can ease your burden here. Trust us in building a reliable framework for you. We pick the right framework and design the roadmap so that you can implement, monitor, and improve—or let us handle the load for you.

Data and analytics roadmap

A winning team never stops with just building strategies. Go one better and implement them in real-time with an analytics roadmap. We show you what initiatives must be taken to see your strategies in action. 
See for yourself the stages you cross to go from where you are to where you want to be. Get the plans off the ground to build a resilient data stack and analytics engine with our extended data engineering and data science services.

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Plotting simple, scalable strategy for your business

Discovery call

Project scoping


Plan of action

Implementation planning

Discovery call

We have levels of discussions with your team and understand your challenges, objectives, and hindrances with managing your data and putting them to use.

Discovery call

Project scoping

We discuss the major problems that we are going to find solutions for along with defining timelines, project scope, and deliverables.

Project scoping


We build an apt data framework and a strategy roadmap that aligns with the strategic goals of your business.


Plan of action

We turn the plain goals into a crisp plan of action that covers the sequential steps you need to take further.

Plan of action

Implementation planning

The final stage of the partnership is an offer to extend the partnership to bring your roadmap into action. We can engineer or re-engineer your data stack and amplify it with powerful analytics and AI-led solutions.

Implementation planning

Discovery call


Project scoping




Plan of action


Implementation planning



Unveiling blindspots ahead


Invite new business opportunities

Every data initiative leads to a new possibility for your business - a process refinement, market expansion, or improved customer experience.


Devise the right path to success

Endless possibilities only lead to paradox of choices. With an expert by your side, you can navigate this and take the road that guarantees success. You will get a sureshot strategy, gain hope in your data and trust the process.


A smooth start to data management

Your organization may have its way to go from data calamities to clarity. But not knowing where to start and stagnating eventually ruin chances of growth. Escape this trap by partnering with an expert consulting firm - someone who has concocted successful data strategies for businesses like yours.


Assistance from proven expertise

Data consulting service providers come with real-time experience strategizing and implementing data management solutions. It’s akin to seeking an expert opinion before you begin major data initiatives.


Sustainable value out of sparse investment

Making your data ready for analytics and data science comes with a price. Partnering with a consulting firm will show you ways to go low on investment and high on long-term growth.


Success stories from businesses like you

Increasing loan forecasting accuracy through an ML-based sales forecasting system

Designing a Loan Sales Forecasting System for a Non-banking Financial Institution

Retail tire distributors roll out data-driven operations with data warehousing

Centralizing and visualizing transactional data using Snowflake and Power BI

Resolving duplicate beneficiary data for integrated CSR management

Developing a platform to automate data cleansing and identity resolution using Zingg.

Reshaping retail analytics using Tableau

Transforming semi-structured retail sales data into interactive visualizations with curated views for detailed analysis.

Optimizing the picking process using an AI-based slotting engine

Identifying a near-optimal way to slot SKUs in a warehouse to minimize the picking process and labor movement and thereby costs.

Enhancing business intelligence for a logistics company

Enabling near real-time data analysis, automating the ETL process with audit and error tracking, and providing a detailed dashboard.

Enabling digital transformation through single-source-of-truth

Building a one-stop solution that visualizes multi-dimensional metrics in near real-time, ready for interaction and next-level action.


Take our customers word for it

We were really impressed with their service orientation and understanding of our business. Showcasing expertise in data engineering, datakulture was successful in implementing the dashboard, allowing the client to track their KPIs and make data-driven decisions. The team's solid understanding of the client's business and their needs was critical to the project's success.


Biswajit Rath

Head of Analytics, Raymond Limited.

They were flexible and adaptive to the client's changing requirements. The team executed a smooth workflow to ensure the project's success. Their flexibility and adaptiveness were notable in the partnership.


Bhargav Raghavendra

Senior IT Director, Cyient

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