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With each process, your data gains new life form


Data discovery

Discovery is all about mapping data sources, understanding correlations, and drawing conclusions on insights to be measured. It holds importance as it helps you unveil how your data can drive business value through the right decision analytics.
Our team of engineers can get this rolling for you with extensive documentation that’s made, keeping your data roadmap in consideration.

Data architecture

Data architecture is a framework for managing data across your business ecosystem. We envision your ideal data architecture here step-by-step - from how the data gets ingested to where it gets loaded or transformed.
Modern data architectures are more accommodating. They make the unthinkable happen like leveraging cloud storage, processing streaming data, employing flexible schemas, and much more. All to establish a flexible foundation for data-led innovation.

Data modeling

Data modeling is your reference point to see how your data architecture is designed—how data is collected, stored, and wired in a data warehouse, conceptually, physically, and logically.
We build you effective data models so your analysts, developers, and other stakeholders understand your data relationships. Get yours built today and skyrocket your database performance, accessibility, and consistency.

Data profiling

Not every ounce of data holds value. There are duplications, null values, and many other anomalies that can mess with your analytics. This calls for data profiling where your data sources and metadata are sifted through to determine your data quality.
Data profiling is paramount if you want standardized data with zero misformats that dishes out precise insights to make accurate decisions.

Data pipeline

Take any data architecture, the data moves from source to destination—where value extraction and analysis happen. Nevertheless, this ingested data cannot be transferred as it is. Be it BI or data science, processes like filtering, cleansing, and standardization are necessary. 
Pipelines bridge this, allowing extraction, loading, and transformation to happen. But not all pipelines look the same. Help us help you build your unique pipeline that suits your end goals.

Data lakehouse

Meet the storage superpower of the cloud era - the lakehouse with the best attributes of a data warehouse and data lakes. Lakehouses promise scalability at lower costs while allowing you to store raw, unformatted data. This means you can extract, transform, and load all kinds of data. And also amplify your machine learning and analytics outcomes altogether.
Besides, SMEs and enterprises are more hungry for insights and advanced ML, making lakehouses very in demand. Time for you to upgrade to a versatile, low-cost, and scalable storage database with a data lakehouse.

Data warehouse modernization

Everyone wants automated, fast, and real-time insights now. Do the traditional on-premise systems and data warehouses support this? Unfortunately, no. But we have modern data warehouses, putting an end to endless complaints about data reliability and accessibility.
They are easy to build, cost less, and connect multiple data sources. It also brings in self-servicing dashboards - a step that brings decision-makers together in the data-driven journey.

Data governance

Becoming data-driven also comes with certain responsibilities - complying with data governance and regulatory measures. Right data management practices have to be brought to the desk while utilizing the value of your data asset. 
Long story short, you should have visibility over your data, who holds access to it, how they put it to use, and much more. Unlock your ideal data governance model with us. We classify your data based on its sensitivity and share with you the metadata to enhance your security and access control.

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Single-source-of-truth, built your way

Data discovery

Data modeling

Data pipelines

Data transformation

Access granting

Data discovery

You begin the journey with us briefing your data challenges. We begin to analyze your current data landscape, your business goals, and tech requirements. We study everything including where your data comes from, what must be collected, what its format, and so on.

Data discovery

Data modeling

We design your conceptual, physical, and logical data models based on the collective inputs from your end.

Data modeling

Data pipelines

We start building the pipelines at this stage to transform the datasets from your existing source to a destination, a data lake or a lakehouse.

Data pipelines

Data transformation

The extracted and loaded data is ready for the transformation now. The end outcome is clean, transformed, and or structured data needed to synthesize analytics or fuel data science initiatives.

Data transformation

Access granting

The data stack will be tested with sample data. Post that is the deployment stage where we will grant you the required access to the new infrastructure. From here, the door is wide open for you with countless possibilities.

Access granting

Data discovery


Data modeling


Data pipelines


Data transformation


Access granting



Your first step towards last-mile adoption


Data available, whenever and wherever you need

Data must be accessible for the right people at the right time - if you’re data-driven. Data engineering is the key to making real-time and right-time analysis happen.


Single source of truth

Your entire data including the ones about to be generated stay in one place - cleaned up, standardized, and de-siloed.


Intended for scaling companies

The modern data engineering platforms come with scalable infrastructure. They can take in as much data as it comes and still run like a well-oiled machine.


Decision-making simplified

No more latencies. You can rather have fresh insights dug out of real-time data processing. All of this assures that you make the most informed decisions on time.


Reduced IT expenses

Optimized data engineering practices save you tons of cost, time, and resources. Cumbersome tasks get automated, regulatory compliance is auto-checked, and data management capabilities are amplified. A clear win for you.


Success stories from businesses like you

Increasing loan forecasting accuracy through an ML-based sales forecasting system

Designing a Loan Sales Forecasting System for a Non-banking Financial Institution

Retail tire distributors roll out data-driven operations with data warehousing

Centralizing and visualizing transactional data using Snowflake and Power BI

Resolving duplicate beneficiary data for integrated CSR management

Developing a platform to automate data cleansing and identity resolution using Zingg.

Reshaping retail analytics using Tableau

Transforming semi-structured retail sales data into interactive visualizations with curated views for detailed analysis.

Optimizing the picking process using an AI-based slotting engine

Identifying a near-optimal way to slot SKUs in a warehouse to minimize the picking process and labor movement and thereby costs.

Enhancing business intelligence for a logistics company

Enabling near real-time data analysis, automating the ETL process with audit and error tracking, and providing a detailed dashboard.

Enabling digital transformation through single-source-of-truth

Building a one-stop solution that visualizes multi-dimensional metrics in near real-time, ready for interaction and next-level action.


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We were really impressed with their service orientation and understanding of our business. Showcasing expertise in data engineering, datakulture was successful in implementing the dashboard, allowing the client to track their KPIs and make data-driven decisions. The team's solid understanding of the client's business and their needs was critical to the project's success.


Biswajit Rath

Head of Analytics, Raymond Limited.

They were flexible and adaptive to the client's changing requirements. The team executed a smooth workflow to ensure the project's success. Their flexibility and adaptiveness were notable in the partnership.


Bhargav Raghavendra

Senior IT Director, Cyient

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