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Data science consulting

Companies today have access to unprecedented amounts of data and several ways to use them. Yet, many struggle to leap from data science vision to deployment successfully.
Our data science consulting services can help here to find your vision. Collaborate with us to craft a practical AI roadmap that is aligned with your business strategy.

Data value discovery

Have a ton of data, but unsure if it holds any value? The Data Value Discovery service allows you to test the waters before plunging in. Get a detailed data value assessment from our data scientists who will analyze the data in your business context.
Is there information worth extracting? Can it be mined for insights that reduce costs, increase revenues, or generate income? Get these questions answered along with quick insights and our recommended path to derive business value from your dormant data.

AI/ML model development

Many breakthrough ideas remain as ideas alone if there is no timely development and deployment. It requires skilled scientists who have built systems that can discover inferences from Data. That’s where our team can step in. 
We provide data-driven insights for planning - customer profiling, pricing, profitability, next-best action, and more. With this, you can make impactful predictions like sales demand, default risk, fraud probability, customer churn, and more. Get ready to take your business vision from the idea board to the real world and out-innovate your competitors.

Decision support services

Why look elsewhere when your data holds the answers? Only if you had advanced models to deliver fresh timely insights to support decisions and improve business processes.
We provide ongoing expert data science and analytics services to deliver timely inferences from your data to answer your most critical questions and enable the right business decisions.

Industry-specific AI/ML solutions

The age of automation is evolving into the age of intelligence. Infuse this intelligence into any digital application or automated workflow for them to adapt to the business requirements. This intelligent automation is what you need to increase productivity, enhance customer experience, or expand revenue streams—which in turn improves business value.
Build and deploy custom AI/ML solutions with our team of data scientists, who are equipped with the skills and experience to solve any real-world business challenges.

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Go beyond ideas. Get them executed real-time.

Business discovery

Analysis & design

Model development


Monitoring & tuning

Business discovery

We discuss with your SMEs to understand the requirements along with the business context. While at it, we assess your data availability and explore data to see if it fits the project objective. Everything from project objectives, deliverables, scope, and timelines gets documented in a formal document.

Business discovery

Analysis & design

The project starts with a deep investigation of the data, including transformations and statistical analysis. This exploratory analysis lays the groundwork for designing the data science approach and choice of algorithm(s) to achieve the project objectives. Data preparation and feature engineering may also be performed to some extent.

Analysis & design

Model development

We pre-process the data for modeling here, including transformations, regression or clustering, and feature engineering. Then, we apply the appropriate algorithmic approach chosen - stat, math, ML, or AI. After training and evaluating multiple models, we will pick the best ensemble suitable to your business objectives.

Model development


We deploy the models after a detailed evaluation. The deployment method depends on how the model performs—whether the model offers insights to make business decisions or is deployed in an application and generates inference based on the live data it receives.


Monitoring & tuning

Our support will be with you post-deployment too. We monitor the model’s performance regularly so that you get precise insights despite the changes in your business policies or paradigm shifts in the economy. By implementing MLOps, we keep refining your models so it stay effective in fixing your business problem.

Monitoring & tuning

Business discovery


Analysis & design


Model development




Monitoring & tuning



Big data, colossal goals, compact solutions


Predict without a crystal ball

Data science services can develop accurate predictive models for you that can predict any set of values being fed to it. You can make adjustments to the input values to see how the outcome changes. Yes. You don’t have to be a fortune teller to do this.


Deliver what your customers exactly want

Improve customer service and experience by infusing AI into your products and offerings (For instance, include a recommender system or an integrated chatbot that helps customers find their preferred match). Plus adapt to changing customer needs quickly with the help of a data-driven approach.


No more process lags

Data science can solve any process inefficiency you face. Use ingenious AI-powered applications to automate, improvise, and refine complex tasks. Give your old-fashioned systems a break and boost employee productivity to whole new heights.


Works for all industries

Data science is versatile, benefiting almost all industries. Be it finance, manufacturing, logistics, or technology.


Fast insights. Faster decision-making

ML models bring insights and inferences to light that you can’t otherwise notice. This promotes healthier, profitable, and faster decision-making without anyone getting hurt making long reports.


Success stories from businesses like you

Increasing loan forecasting accuracy through an ML-based sales forecasting system

Designing a Loan Sales Forecasting System for a Non-banking Financial Institution

Retail tire distributors roll out data-driven operations with data warehousing

Centralizing and visualizing transactional data using Snowflake and Power BI

Resolving duplicate beneficiary data for integrated CSR management

Developing a platform to automate data cleansing and identity resolution using Zingg.

Reshaping retail analytics using Tableau

Transforming semi-structured retail sales data into interactive visualizations with curated views for detailed analysis.

Optimizing the picking process using an AI-based slotting engine

Identifying a near-optimal way to slot SKUs in a warehouse to minimize the picking process and labor movement and thereby costs.

Enhancing business intelligence for a logistics company

Enabling near real-time data analysis, automating the ETL process with audit and error tracking, and providing a detailed dashboard.

Enabling digital transformation through single-source-of-truth

Building a one-stop solution that visualizes multi-dimensional metrics in near real-time, ready for interaction and next-level action.


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We were really impressed with their service orientation and understanding of our business. Showcasing expertise in data engineering, datakulture was successful in implementing the dashboard, allowing the client to track their KPIs and make data-driven decisions. The team's solid understanding of the client's business and their needs was critical to the project's success.


Biswajit Rath

Head of Analytics, Raymond Limited.

They were flexible and adaptive to the client's changing requirements. The team executed a smooth workflow to ensure the project's success. Their flexibility and adaptiveness were notable in the partnership.


Bhargav Raghavendra

Senior IT Director, Cyient

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