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Data Consulting

Data Consulting

We work closely with you to identify your data challenges and roadblocks with our expert advisory group. Based on what’s found, we build a roadmap to unlock your journey towards data-powered growth.

Data Science

Data Science

We transform your data into advanced intelligence with the help of AI, machine learning, deep learning, etc. This is to develop trailblazing models and automated systems to address complicated business problems, make accurate forecasts, and improve decision-making.

Data Engineering

Data Engineering

We develop concrete and scalable infrastructure to store, process, and analyze your voluminous data. Data from various sources are extracted, formatted, channelized, and stored at modern storage platforms in more usable formats to power the last-mile adoption.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

We make data-driven storytelling possible by building advanced visualizations with improved accessibility. We discover the metrics you need to measure, build dashboards and reporting systems to serve actionable insights in a presentable manner.

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Success stories from businesses like you

Increasing loan forecasting accuracy through an ML-based sales forecasting system

Designing a Loan Sales Forecasting System for a Non-banking Financial Institution

Retail tire distributors roll out data-driven operations with data warehousing

Centralizing and visualizing transactional data using Snowflake and Power BI

Resolving duplicate beneficiary data for integrated CSR management

Developing a platform to automate data cleansing and identity resolution using Zingg.

Reshaping retail analytics using Tableau

Transforming semi-structured retail sales data into interactive visualizations with curated views for detailed analysis.

Optimizing the picking process using an AI-based slotting engine

Identifying a near-optimal way to slot SKUs in a warehouse to minimize the picking process and labor movement and thereby costs.

Enhancing business intelligence for a logistics company

Enabling near real-time data analysis, automating the ETL process with audit and error tracking, and providing a detailed dashboard.

Enabling digital transformation through single-source-of-truth

Building a one-stop solution that visualizes multi-dimensional metrics in near real-time, ready for interaction and next-level action.


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