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Jewellery Insurance


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About client

The client, a leading Australian jewellery insurer, provides comprehensive coverage and protection for a wide range of fine jewellery, including engagement rings, wedding rings, and luxury watches. Going beyond standard coverage, they also offer personalized assistance from jewellery experts. 

As guardians of cherished jewellery, the client believes their biggest value is engendering trust and confidence. The client is committed to providing service of the highest quality and to being transparent in all dealings. This commitment has earned their products and services high customer satisfaction ratings.


Working closely with customers, our client reaches out to them for various reasons. Each conversation and detail were stored in different systems respectively. This limited their centralized view and clouded their decision-making. They had a basic reporting system, but it didn’t come in handy as all they needed was data to support real-time, multi-dimensional analytics. They reached out to datakulture to fix this and create a high-end interactive visualization with instant impactful insights. 

Lack of centralized view due to siloed systems: They had pretty good platforms for every purpose—separate systems for call and queue management, marketing and sales, and a custom-built application to track lead conversions, renewals, and everything.

But this only offered them a granular view. They never were able to have a bird's eye view of the data. Or rather it required too much effort to pull up data from each and prepare manual reports. Even when it happened, it wasn't fresh, unlike how they wanted it to be. 

Unable to measure their agents' performance: They had a custom application that provided them with lead information like who was reaching out, whether it was converted, who dealt with it, and more. But this was only historical data represented in a single dimension. This shunted their view and didn’t allow them to discover problematic areas and potential opportunities. They couldn’t reach out to their customers on time or let them reach out, leading to a lot of misses and drop-outs.

Couldn't find and work on problematic areas: The client wanted to know their agents better, find their strengths, and offer the right challenges. They were handling a lot of calls every day. What’s the percentage of new business they are bringing in, each on their own? How are they contributing to revenue? What and when is their busiest time? All of these and more alike are questions with no instant answers. It all needed digging up of data that again, should be interconnected and correlated. 

Unable to make accurate forecasts: Due to the lack of instant insights into call management, they couldn’t do planning and forecasting. Results? Inefficient resource allocation and not being able to be there for customers on time.

The solution

Through our assessments, we understood their business goals and uncovered the scope and metrics they can measure. We figured out the major platforms to be connected and the data to be represented. We explained to them how they could measure these new sets of stats in real time, hassle-free. 

Centralized insights: Before visualizing, data from disparate sources have to be integrated. So, we built a warehouse that acts as a centralized repository here—powering the visualization with fresh insights. APIs were set up to facilitate this process of collecting data from third-party clouds. A custom ETL process was built to direct data from the staging zone to the warehouse we built, which was later reflected in the Tableau dashboard.

Real-time analytics: Access to near real-time insights was their priority. So, we created a dashboard that reflects data both historical and new. So, any changes that were made in the system, reflected in the dashboard instantly. 

Insights that allow instant action: The final outcome isn’t only to view insights, but also to act on them. These dashboards are interactive - they can click on fields, see granular details, and engage with them further to take action. They will be taken to the relevant application directly when it happens. So, the whole process is made seamless, boosting their response time 10 times better. 

Multi-dimensional inferences: By connecting three different apps from three functional areas, we sliced and diced their data to suit their analysis. 

This reveals a new level of insight that they never could have had with disparate systems. They could see information with a wider lens—how many leads came, where are they from, who handled it, and lots like this. They also got answers related to their agent performance—more than what their calling software can provide—Like, average call volume for each hour, most busiest hours, least business hours, etc.

Ability to adapt to changing environments: The new level of data interpretation allowed them to understand their business functions better – to adapt to the changing requirements of their business.


Their collaboration with datakulture enabled them to measure metrics that they never thought were possible to uncover—without hassles or delays. This eliminated taxing and time-consuming processes and enabled them to make data-driven decisions. 

The client is now able to peak into insights they never could have—metrics related to lead conversions, agents' performance, and more, all broken down and together. By combining different data fields, computing brand-new insights, and visualizing them up-to-date, they can streamline their sales processes, eliminate guesswork, and thrive better in a dynamic market with scalable business intelligence.

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